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Oliver, Rainey & Wojtek provides comprehensive tax services for individuals and families in San Angelo and the surrounding areas as well as multiple other locations throughout the United States. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients, so we can provide each one with the customized strategy that best addresses their unique tax situations.


Let us help you plan for your future

We will be actively involved in the planning process to ensure maximum tax savings while avoiding the possible pitfalls related to the allowance for loan losses, alternative minimum taxes and net operating losses. We closely examine your status to not only review the reasonableness of the income tax account balances, but also to determine whether there are any tax planning strategies available that may be implemented before year end. Since we will be intimately familiar with your tax situation, we are able to provide advice on current developments affecting your institution.


Client Tax Organizers

One of the most difficult and dreaded tasks is that of organizing one’s information for the tax return. It can be time consuming and frustrating to gather the information once a year for taxes. Think how much easier it would be if there were some guide to assist in accomplishing this task. This is what a client organizer can do. It functions as a guidebook in prompting the client to bring together all of the items of income and deduction for the tax return. It even questions the client, looking for possible deductions that may be overlooked. The client organizer is available in paper form to be filled out and sent in. Or it can be done on-line and transferred to the accountant over the internet using client portals. What could be easier? Please contact us to see how client organizers can take the stress out of tax time.


Payroll Record Keeping and Forms

Personnel files should be kept for each employee and include the employee’s employment application, along with Form W-4, used to calculate federal income tax withholding and Form I-9, to verify the employee is legally permitted to work in the U.S. Also keep in mind, that almost all employers are required to transmit federal payroll tax deposit electronically.


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